A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Managing Insomnia in ASD?

This event took place on Wednesday 21 October 2020
‘Do we need a multidisciplinary approach to managing insomnia in Autistic Spectrum Disorder and, if so, why?' aims to evaluate the patient's journey and draws upon real-life patient experience and perspective from a mother living with paediatric ASD and insomnia. A multi-disciplinary approach is examined and the role of the paediatric pharmacist explored. Contributions from primary and secondary care seek to define a gold standard patient journey and what stands in the way of achieving this.
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Welcome and Introduction, Dr Carole Buckley (Chair)
Is ASD a Condition Best Managed in Secondary Care?, Dr Roger Henderson
Pharmacist Led Management of ASD, Mr Stephen Tomlin
Gold standard care…..how do we get there?, Professor Cathy Hill
Panel Discussion, Dr Roger Henderson, Mr Stephen Tomlin and Professor Cathy Hill
Key Learning, Dr Carole Buckley (Chair)
Dr Carole Buckley
Dr Carole Buckley
Retired GP, Royal College of General Practitioners clinical representative for autism

Carole was a GP in Bristol for over 30 years until retirement from clinical practice in 2017. She persuaded the Royal College of General Practitioners to make autism a clinical priority in 2014 and became the clinical champion of the same for the following 3 years. She remains the autism representative and represents the college at priority setting meetings with, for example, NHS England. She also works closely with Autistica and is involved in research and teaching on neurodevelopmental conditions. Added to that she has lived experience as a mother of a 30-year-old who has autism, a severe learning disability, epilepsy and a history of insomnia.

Dr Roger Henderson
Dr Roger Henderson

Dr Roger Henderson is a senior GP, most recently as the head of a 6,000-patient general practice where he was also a GP trainer, running his large main surgery and two branch surgeries including a university campus. He now works as a sessional GP in order to concentrate on his health media work. He is the medical columnist for The Spectator and appears regularly on television, radio and internet to discuss health-related matters. He is the UK Medical Director for Liva Healthcare and a member of the steering committee of the Primary Care and Community Neurology Society that helps spearhead the development of community neurology services and is a consultant for the health website NetDoctor. He has an interest in autism spectrum disorders and was a judge for the national 2020 General Practice Awards.

Mr Stephen Tomlin
Mr Stephen Tomlin

Mr Stephen Tomlin has worked in the field of children’s medicines for over 25 years and is currently the Chief Pharmacist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust, having previously served as Consultant Pharmacist, Children’s Services at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital. He leads a team of 130 pharmacy staff across a range of pharmacy specialisms, whilst his educational and research commitments, both within and external to the hospital have led to him becoming a Clinical Reader at King’s College London University. His main fields of expertise are paediatric medicines safety, medicines compliance and competence of the paediatric pharmacy workforce. For many years he has worked part time as the professional secretary of the Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists Group (NPPG), allowing him to represent paediatric pharmacy on many national forums, at government level and within the Royal Colleges and within the media.

Professor Cathy Hill
Professor Cathy Hill
Consultant in Sleep Medicine

Dr Catherine Hill is an Associate Professor of Child Health within Medicine at the University of Southampton. Extensively published in over 70 papers, her research interests include sleep and neurocognition in children facing hypoxic challenges, both with sleep disordered breathing and at high altitude, sleep related rhythmic movement disorder and chronic insomnia in children with chronic health or neurodevelopmental disorders.
As a Consultant in Sleep Medicine at Southampton Children’s Hospital, Dr Hill leads a supra-regional multi-disciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic service for children with non-respiratory sleep disorders. Over several decades, Dr Hill has championed the importance of sleep in children through multiple media events including documentaries on the BBC and the United Kingdom’s ITV channel, as well as radio appearances and articles in the national press.

What will the webinar cover?

Key learning objectives

  • Evaluate the patient’s journey using real life patient experience and perspective from a mother living with paediatric ASD and insomnia.
  • Examine a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • Explore the role of the paediatric pharmacist.
  • Define a gold standard patient journey and what stands in the way of achieving this.