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For Healthcare Professionals
Melatonin Therapy Optimisation Programme

Sleep is essential at all stages of life, but in childhood, where neuronal development occurs, adequate sleep is particularly essential.1 A growing body of evidence indicates that abnormal melatonin secretion may be the cause of insomnia in children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as ASD.2,3

Despite the availability of a suitably licensed alternative, and guidance on the judicious use of specials, melatonin that is either unlicensed or off-label continues to account for high levels of prescribing.4,5

The Melatonin Therapy Optimisation Programme is designed to support a systematic, consistent and efficient approach to identify appropriate patients who may benefit from a clinical review (including their medication). Details of how to access the scheme are available by contacting Flynn Pharma.

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How to apply

The Melatonin Therapy Optimisation Programme is delivered as a service to Medicine, and is fully funded by Flynn Pharma Ltd. To find out more about the Melatonin Therapy Optimisation Programme, please contact Flynn Pharma.

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